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August 22, 2022

The Best Decision I Ever Made

Katrina's Kreative Heart

 It's been just over 9 years now and I still can honestly say, joining the Stampin' Up! family was the BEST decision I have ever made. 

What makes me say this? Do I make a lot of money doing this? No, not at all, I do support my "habit" but no, I don't make a lot of money doing this. Is it the travel and earning trips? Nope...I haven't reached that level YET. 

What makes joining the best decision, is the relationships! Hands down the greatest return on my investment is the relationships that I have formed as a direct result of my involvement with Stampin' Up! I have met and become close friends with the most amazing women and men too as a direct result of my demonstratorship. When I stop to think about it, it truly amazes me and warms my heart that I have had the good fortune of meeting some of the most amazing people.. People who not only do you truly care for, but care about you too! I lost both of my parents in a short 16 month span, and it was my community of stampers that pulled me through some of my most darkest days. For that, I will forever be grateful to them for sure. 

Have you ever thought about joining up? Now is a great time, it's still Sale-a-bration until 8/31/22 so in addition to the normal, "pick $125 in product of your choice for just $99 and free shipping" you are also going to receive a beautiful 18 month planner as a special gift, but only during Sale-a-bration..

Ready to join? Click here

Not ready yet? No problem. I would still LOVE the opportunity to serve you as your demonstrator and to be a part of my amazing community of stampers. Feel free to come hang out with us over on Facebook ; we would love to have you! Like I said, I have the most amazing community of woman over there that will help welcome you with open arms

Happy Stamping,

August 21, 2019

Extra Extra It's Almost Over!

Extra Extra It's Almost Over!
Hello and Happy Wednesday my friends! I wanted to come to you today to remind you that we are nearing the end of the month and when August ends, so does the Extra Extra promotion Stampin' Up! has going right now. 

What is Extra Extra you ask?

 Well, it's an amazing opportunity to join the Stampin' Up! family as a demonstrator. As I have stated many times in the past, the starter kit is absolutely THE best deal in the catalog. You get to choose $125 in product for just $99 + tax, and FREE shipping. Your kit also includes a Paper Pumpkin kit, business supplies and a case of catalogs and LOTS and LOTS of demo perks. Now, during the Extra Extra promotion, you get to choose an extra $30 in product for a total of $155 in product the YOU choose for $99 +tax and FREE shipping. You still get all of the additions such as the Paper Pumpkin kit and business supplies AND you will receive a coupon code next month to use toward your very next order (that coupon code will expire on 10/31) and that is on top of your 20% discount for being a demonstrator! ex. choose $100 in product - 20% = $80-$10 coupon code= $70 + shipping and tax (shipping and tax are paid on the $100)
And, another GREAT perk about joining right now, demonstrators have the awesome perk of being able to order early from the Holiday catalog. I'm sure you've seen lots of sneak peeks into the catalog in the recent days. well, as a new demonstrator, you can add new holiday product into your starter kit! YES! You can choose new product from both the Annual and Holiday Catalog up to $155 into your kit and pay $99!
Extra Extra It's Almost Over!

How awesome is that? And, yesterday, some of my team and I registered for OnStage in Hartford Conn in November. Registration is still currently open until it either fills up (several locations have already sold out) or 9/17/19. So, once your receive your demo ID and log in information, you too can register to attend one of the most FABULOUS events EVER! We would LOVE to have you join us!
So, what are you waiting for? It's almost over! If you have ANY questions, I would LOVE to answer them for you. You can email any and all questions here

Ready to join me? Get your starter kit here

Bonus Days

Just wanted to throw out another friendly reminder that if you earned Bonus Day's coupon codes last month, you must use them before 8/31 or lose them forever. 

Final Batch of Trimmer Blades

Stampin' Up! has received their final batch of trimmer blades. So, that means once these are gone, they are gone FOREVER. These are first come, first serve so I WILL NOT be able to order them for you, a) I will be at work and b) if I am trying to order for more than one person, by the time I complete the order they WILL be sold out. These sell out in a matter of minutes.The demand far out weighs the supply unfortunately. The good news, Stampin' Up! is working hard to bring us a new trimmer in the near future.
To place your order click here. Use the item code 126995
Okay, I think I've covered all that I wanted to cover. Thanks so much for hanging out with me. I will be back tomorrow with a super cute, super fun fold for you.
 In the meantime, happy stamping,

July 30, 2019

Extra Extra It's Team Tuesday! Have You Considered Joining Stampin' Up! and My Team, the Kreative Heart Stampers?

Hello! And Happy Tuesday! Team Tuesday as it is known by my team. You see, Tuesday is reserved for my team, the Kreative Heart Stampers. Every Tuesday I share all things Stampin' Up! with members of my team through a newsletter as well as on our Facebook group. 
We have a great crew and I would LOVE to have you join us! I welcome everyone into my team, business builders and hobby crafters alike. It makes no difference to me why you join Stampin' Up! because for whatever your reasons, it all comes down to loving the product and loving to share what we do. So, have you considered joining Stampin' Up! and my team?
stampin' up extra extra

Now is a GREAT time to join! Why? Because Stampin' Up! has this great promotion going on, Extra Extra. And what that means is, what is always the best deal in the catalog becomes even better! You see, you ALWAYS get to choose your starter kit for $99 and it includes $125 in product of your choice; but during the Extra Extra promotion, you get to choose an additional $30 in product to add to your starter kit! That is $155 in product that YOU choose for just $99 and FREE shipping! And, if that wasn't sweet enough, the next month, Stampin' Up! will send you a coupon code for $10 to put toward your very next purchase! And that's on top of your already 20% discount because you'll be a demonstrator getting all the perks!
Oh and if you join in August, in addition to the above Extra Extra promotion, you can choose Holiday pre-order product for your starter kit! You see, in August, demonstrators get to begin pre-ordering from the holiday catalog in order to get ready to market and sell product from the catalog in September and that means the catalog is open to ALL demonstrators including brand new "recruits". Now, as always, there is no obligation to hold classes or teach stamping because you're now considered a demonstrator! You make this what YOU want it to be! You just want to get awesome product at a discount, then this is the perfect want to share what you love and teach others about this amazing craft? Then this is the perfect option for YOU too! 

More demonstrator perks:  
  1. Every Tuesday Stampin' Up! sends you an email, Succeed Weekly - this email contains amazing project ideas as well as company information
  2. Receive Stampin' Success - a quarterly magazine exclusive to demonstrators chock full of project ideas
  3. Opportunities to attend demonstrator only events such as OnStage
  4. Membership in demonstrator exclusive Facebook groups
  5. An ongoing 20-25% discount on ALL orders
  6. And so many more too numerous to list!
Ready to join? Click here to visit my benefits page and follow the link from there; want to add Holiday catalog product to your starter kit? Contact me to learn how

Happy Stamping,

July 8, 2019

What's Holding You Back from Joining Stampin' Up! and My Team?

Have you heard all the news? Stampin' Up! has a super promo going on right now for brand new demonstrators that join during July and August! I'm talking SUPER promo! You see, during July and August, if you join Stampin' Up!, you will receive an additional $30 in FREE product to add to your starter kit! That's a total of $155 in product that you get to choose for only $99 and FREE shipping!
Joining is always the best deal, however for the next 2 months it is an even better deal
And to sweeten the deal even more, Stampin' Up! will send you a $10 coupon code the very next month to use toward your very next order! So, in addition to saving your 20% on your order, you can take an additional $10 off!
In addition to all of that, you get a continuous 20-25% discount on ALL future purchases - that's like getting a 20% coupon to use in your favorite craft store that never expires!

Benefits of Being a Kreative Heart Stamper:

All Independent Demonstrators receive:

  1. an initial 20% discount on all orders. Once you advance to Bronze elite, that discount increases to 25%! 
  2. You get early access to new product with every new catalog release (you get to see it and buy it before anyone else!)
  3. A FREE subscription to the quarterly magazine, Stampin' Success - chock full of great crafting ideas/patterns and a plethora of business information and education
  4. Opportunities to earn free stamp sets and other business building promotions

As a member of the Kreative Heart Stampers, you will enjoy all of the benefits Stampin' Up! has to offer it's demonstrators above, plus, you will have Free access to my monthly classes as I share my Stamp Classes with my team; for my special classes, you have the option of purchasing tutorials only for the special rate of $5; monthly team meetings, in person and online; access to our private Facebook group, were we share ideas and learn from one another. And there's team recognition and incentives.

So, what's holding you back from joining Stampin' Up! and my team? I am here to answer your questions

July 1, 2019

Extra Extra! Read All About it!

Hey! Happy July 1st! July has so many exciting things in store for us! I'm seriously flipping head over heels with all the awesomeness! First, I want to tell you about our July 1-August 31 joining special! You read that right! A joining special! Stampin' Up! has once again made the best deal even better!
For the entire month of July and August, every new starter kit will come with an additional $30 in free product! That's $155 in product for just $99 with FREE shipping! And to sweeten this deal even more, Stampin' Up! will send every new team member that joins during July and August a $10 coupon to use toward their very first demonstrator order placed! So, in addition to saving your normal 20% that you save as a demo, you will also take an additional $10 off! This is AWESOME!!
So, tell me...what's holding you back from joining my amazing team of Kreative Heart Stampers? If you have any questions, let's chat!

Okay, the second UH-MAZING thing happening this month are our Bonus Days! During the entire month of July, earn $5 coupon codes for every $50 you spend! And there are NO LIMITS! You can earn as many coupon codes as you'd like! Spend $200 and get 4 codes each worth $5. So basically get paid to shop in July then in August you can redeem those codes on product.
So that's it in  nut shell. Some awesome stuff for July and August. So be sure to take full advantage of these amazing happenings.
Happy Stamping,

January 15, 2019

It's Sale-a-bration and it's the Best time to Join Stampin' Up!

Hello my happy stampers! Happy Tuesday to you! Once again, we're freezing here in CNY, yes, fun times for sure. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got the message out to you that not only is it Sale-a-bration, the BEST time of the year in the world of Stampin' Up! but what helps make it so awesome, is the opportunity to join the Stampin' Up! family. You see, the starter kit is ALWAYS the best deal in the catalog, however, during Sale-a-bration, it gets even better! And this year, Stampin' Up! kicked it up a notch, maybe even 2 notches! Let me explain. This year, for the period of Sale-a-bration you have 2 options for joining the family. Option 1, you choose $175.00 in product of YOUR CHOICE. Anything you want from either the current 2018-2019 Annual Catalog, the current 2019 Occasions Catalog and even the clearance rack! and all you pay is $99 + tax and shipping is FREE! Awesome right? Well, then there is option 2. Again, you select $175 in product of YOUR CHOICE, again from either catalog or the clearance rack, but you add on the AWESOME canvas tote, and you pay $129 + tax and shipping is still FREE!

And you know what else? There is ZERO obligation beyond this point! You can either continue to enjoy a discount on you orders or you can just go back to being a customer. I love my customers, but it would be totally selfish of me not to share this amazing deal with you. If you want to know more about joining my team, just click here. And trust me when I say, as much as I love my customers, I really love my team and would love to have you join us.

Happy stamping,

September 27, 2018

Become a Kreative Heart Stamper!

Hello and Happy Thursday! I know right, another week that's just whizzing by us! Last night was card class and I was so happy that one of my downline, Laurie got to join me for some stamping with along with my customers. We really had a great time! I just LOVE all my stampers, my team and my customers. 

Anyhoo, today I wanted to talk to  you a little bit again about the advantages of being a Kreative Heart Stamper. First of all, the starter kit is and always will be the BEST deal around. You get to choose $125 in product for just $99 with FREE shipping! You also get a Paper Pumpkin kit, 8 Annual catalogs to share with friends and neighbors, 8 Holiday catalogs to share and all of your business supplies like order forms and invitation post cards. You will also receive the latest edition of the Demo only quarterly magazine, Stampin' Success, chock full of crafting inspiration, business building tools and tid bits, and so much more. You also get access to the demonstrator website and Stampin' Connection, another demo only site as well as admittance to demo only Facebook groups! And save 20-25% on all future purchases! 

In addition to all of that, as a Kreative Heart Stamper, you will have ongoing support to assist you in meeting your goals whether your goal is to be a happy shopper, enjoying a 20-25% discount on all of your future crafty purchases or you want to build a profitable business, from me,  your upline. You will gain access to our demo only Facebook group and weekly newsletter/email. You will have access to all of my tutorials, team meetings to include fun class ideas and workshop projects to do with your own customers and team members (should you decide to build a team). Team meetings are accessible in person and online for those that can't make it due to schedules or distance.  

So, why don't you join me on this amazing journey? We'll make it together! 
Happy Stamping,

June 28, 2018

Join the Family

Hi there and Happy Thursday! Is it me or has this been a reeeeally long week? Ok, maybe it's just me. Anyway, in case you haven't heard yet, July is going to be THE best month to join the Stampin' Up! family! Holy Smokin' Joe! In addition to getting $125 worth of amazing goodies for just $99 with FREE shipping, they are going to give you your choice of an entire color family of stamp pads! That's 10 FREE INK PADS values at over $75...FREE! Just for purchasing the starter kit! HELLO! That is 10 free ink pads on top of your choice of product that totals $125 that you pay only $99 for...that is a CRAZY amazing deal if you ask me. And there are zero strings attached! You are not committed to anything beyond the starter kit...however,the benefits are many should you choose to continue as a demonstrator.
I would love to have you join my team, so be sure to check out my page, and if you have any questions at all, please reach out to me, I am here to help in any way that I can.
Happy Stamping,

January 11, 2018

The Perfect Time to Join

Hello and Happy Thursday! Did you know Sale-a-bration is the PERFECT time to join the Stampin' Up! family. During Sale-a-bration, in addition to selecting $125 in product of your choice for $99 + free shipping, you get to select 2 additional stamp sets of your choice FREE (valued up to a combined total of $101). After that, you save 20-25% on ALL future orders as long as you remain active.
What constitutes active, you ask? Well, all you need to do is sell/purchase $300/quarter. That comes out to be about $100/month if you break it down into bite sized pieces. Even better, if you are looking for an opportunity to be your own boss, run your own business, Stampin' Up! is perfect for that too! Who wouldn't love to "go to work" and do what you love?
Stampin' Up! is the BEST "job" I've ever had. I get to share my love with others and make them smile, I get to decide how much time I put into MY business and how hard I want to work at MY business etc. I get to decide how to run my customer service, which is TOP NOTCH, I might add. (I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule!)


1. Can you make a living with Stampin' Up! as a Demonstrator? - Yes you can, as long as you're willing to do the work, I know many who do
2. Can being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator help you to support your stamping addiction? Yes it can - it does mine :)
3. Can being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator save you money? Oh yeah...20-25%
4. Do I need to have home party's to be a Demonstrator? - Only if you want to do them
5. Do I need to hold classes as a Demonstrator? - Again, only if you want to hold them. Remember, this is YOUR business, you do what works for you!
6. What happens if I get the starter kit and then decide I don't want to be a demonstrator? - Nothing. Nothing happens. If you don't place any more orders as a demo and don't meet your quarterly minimum, you will be "dropped" from your demonstrator-ship, with no penalty and no harassment.
7. Are there any other "perks" for being a Demonstrator? - Yes! You will receive the quarterly magazine, Stampin' Success, chock full of design ideas, business training and just plain fun; access to the Stampin' Up! demonstrator website, which contains a plethora of training videos and information too numerous to count; the opportunity to attend On-Stage events (convention) to party and learn with other demos around the world; access to private demonstrator Facebook groups for more opportunities to interact with demos from around the globe; early access to new product before anyone else; and access to the demo only website, Stampin' Connection - it's like a Facebook for demonstrators with lots of sharing and design ideas.
8. Why should I join the Kreative Heart Stampers? - I will help you determine your business goals, whether they are to build a profitable business or to just maintain your discount through team meetings both live and virtual, one on one sessions, team swaps, and a team business page. Access to all of my classes and just plain fun and I would LOVE to have YOU be a part of our team!

Are you ready? Click here to join!
Want to know when specials are happening, get free tutorials and other fun stamping news? Join my mailing list by clicking here
Do you have more questions? Click Here to get answers.
 I wish you all a wonderful day and happy stamping! Oh and before I forget, be sure to stop by Sunday at 8pm EST to check out the blog hop! I promise, it will be AWESOME with LOTS of amazing ideas using bundles from the new catalog!

September 14, 2017

A Great Time to Join Our Team of Kreative Heart Stampers

Good Morning and Happy Thursday! It's a little rainy here, but boy have we had an upturn in our temperatures! It's back to feeling like Summer again, at least for another week anyway. There for a couple of weeks, it was feeling like Fall had a strong foothold. Anyway, I'm enjoying the return of Summer.
Now, I want to talk to you about joining the Kreative Heart Stampers. With the holiday's lurking just around the corner, now is an AWESOME time to join. Here are just a few good reasons to join now:
1. Earn a little (or a lot) extra income. As a brand new Kreative Heart Stamper, you will earn 20% of your sales as income and if you promote to Bronze Elite (sell $900 within a rolling year) you will begin to earn 25% of your sales! And of course there are lots of other ways to increase your income that I will teach you as a Kreative Heart Stamper.
2. Save money on your own crafty purchases! Yes, as a brand new Kreative Heart Stamper, you will save 20% on your own purchases and that too increases to a 25% savings when you promote to Bronze Elite.
3. The Starter Kit is the BEST value around! Purchase $125 in YOUR CHOICE of product from any of the current catalogs for $99 +tax and receive your business supplies FREE and get FREE shipping!
4. YOU decide how you want to run YOUR business! I am here to assist you in any way you need. I will share EVERYTHING I do in my business with you, but YOU decide if that works for you! There are no Stampin' Up! or Kreative Heart Stamper Police - Just Cheer Leaders to encourage you and opportunities to grow as you choose.
We meet virtually and in person the 2nd Sunday of each month for training on business topics and to have fun crafting together. We have a Facebook group dedicated to the Kreative Heart Stampers to share and just chat and have fun. 
I would love to have you join me on this journey, it's fun, it's exciting and who doesn't want to save a little money and have an opportunity to make a little too? Oh, and there is also the extra perk of having the opportunity to earn "incentive trips"! The Stampin' Up! new year begins October 1st and we will begin working toward earning our way on to the Greek Isle Cruise making this THE perfect time to sign up, giving you a whole year to work toward the trip if that interests you. I really hope you consider this. Being a demo can and will bring you so much joy. It's truly amazing to see how a little ink and paper can make others smile and literally change their life for the better. I never would have believed it had I not experienced it first hand, but it's so true.
Here's what I want you to do, sit down with your catalog, and make out your wish list. Make it out as though money were no object then total it up. Now, pull $125 worth of product from that list -  that would be your starter kit for $99. Now, take the remaining items total and subtract 20% . Notice how much you could save! Now, break that down into bite sized orders and those are the orders you will place throughout the year marching your way toward earning 25% off your personal orders and earning 25% of orders you take from friends and family and new friends (new customers have a way of becoming new friends)
Here's a Wish List for you:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'm here  to answer anything I can and if I don't have an answer, I will most certainly get you an answer. If you're ready to take the plunge, click here and fill out the information along with your starter kit order and in approximately 7-10 days your goodies will arrive.
If you would just like free tutorials and stay up to date with Kreative Heart happenings, join my mailing list!
In the meantime, Happy Stamping,

March 30, 2017

Sale-A-Bration 2017 Coming to a Close

Happy Thursday friends! I wanted to remind you that we are in the final hours of Sale-a-bration 2017! Can you believe it? I can't that's for sure. It kind of makes me sad in a way because I LOVE the product selection we had for free for every $50 spent. And I don't know about you, but I don't think I have EVER placed an order for less than $50! So, Sale-a-bration is my time to "stock up" and get bonuses just for buying what I need! It also makes me sad when I think of those of you who missed the opportunity to take advantage of all of this cool and awesome stuff! So, that's why I am here to remind you that it's almost over so you won't miss out on these great deals. But, although the end of Sale-A-Bration makes me sad, I also start getting excited. What am I getting excited about you ask? Well, I am getting excited that the new Annual catalog will be revealed to us demonstrators in April! Those demonstrators that are able to attend the On Stage event will get the first look on April 6 or 8th, depending on if your going to Amsterdam or attending a local event, and the rest of us will see it April 10th. Then, when we place our fist demo pre-order in May, they will include our copy of the catalog.And I LOVE getting the new catalog because there is always something, or should I say MANY new things to get excited about. Stampin' Up! has never disappointed so I always look forward to the new catalog.
This brings me to my next PSA- joining SU! Sale-A-Bration is the PERFECT time to join! Not only do you get to select the normal $125 in product for just $99 +tax and and FREE shipping, but you also get to select 2 additional FREE stamp sets of your choice! There is NO dollar limit on the stamp sets you can choose! And if that wasn't awesome enough, you also get access to all of the demonstrator training, ideas and information, access to an exclusive Demonstrator website/usergroup filled with ideas and a wealth of information. You will  also receive the quarterly Demonstrator Magazine filled with ideas, patterns, and business training. You will get access to the new up coming catalog on April 10th and you will be able to pre-order select items from said catalog in May! And, for joining my team, you will also get access to my Demo Facebook group, "Inky Fingers, Warm Hearts" where you will receive updates and training and other fun things to come. And the best part, there is NO obligation beyond taking advantage of grabbing the starter kit! There isn't any SU! police, calling you to tell you you need to sell or buy, so YOU get to decide how and even if you want a business, or just buy at a discount or just get the kit and call it a day. No matter what, you have $125 in amazing product and access to amazing resources for at least 3 months for $99. If you choose to not sell, or not buy to maintain demonstrator status, after the 3 months, you will lose your access to the demo resources, however, you will still have amazing product in your hands! Something to think about! And if you choose to take advantage of this opportunity, just click "join my team" in the bar up above. In the meantime, happy stamping!

January 19, 2017

Sale-a-Bration: Why You Should Join My Team Now!

Hi all! Happy Thursday! I know I have said it time and time again but I only say it because I believe in it so much. Sale-a-Bration is THE most wonderful time of year! The benefits of Sale-a-Bration are just amazing and it doesn't matter if you're the happy shopper or the happy demonstrator there is so much to love about Sale-a-Bration.

But I have to tell you, it is absolutely the BEST time to join!
And here is why: In addition to the normal "design your own demo kit" by selecting $125 in product (anything you wish) for just $99 with FREE shipping, you now get to throw in not one, but TWO stamp sets of your choice! That's ANY TWO stamp sets you choose!  There isn't a dollar limit on what you can choose! Now, here is the real kicker...there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION! Once you purchase your starter kit at such an AMAZING aren't obligated to do a single thing with it! There is no one that is going to call you and demand you sell stamps, no one pressuring you to be a sales person. It is totally up to you! Now, don't get me wrong, there is definitely perks for maintaining your demonstratorship, but it's not required. If you do choose to continue, you will make/save 20% on all of your sales/orders. Now, tell me, who doesn't love a good discount? You get "sneak peaks" into up coming catalogs along with the opportunity to pre-order before anyone else even gets to see the inside of the catalog. You can attend exclusive Strampin' Up! demonstrator events and you can even earn incentive trips (this year everyone is working toward earning Alaska - oh how I yearn to earn Alaska!) And, you get access to an exclusive Demonstrator quarterly publication, Stampin' Success full of business tips, crafting ideas and so much more. There is also the weekly email, Succeed Weekly also full of great information. And then there is the personal side of the "business", the amazing relationships you forge when you come together with others that love the craft as much as you do. And those relationships are those formed with other demonstrators as well as your customers. You become a great big extended family. That to me, has become the biggest perk of all. I love and appreciate everyone of my customers and I love to share ideas with them, I love to encourage creativity in others. If any of this even remotely sounds like fun to you, then seriously, consider joining my team. Just use the tab up above and follow the link. Easy Peasy, I would love to have you join me.
In the meantime, Happy stamping,

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