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March 10, 2016

The Best Advise I ever Got about Stamping

Can you smell it? Spring is in the air! I do love this time of year! Yesterday we hit 70 degrees here in Central  NY! I was actually able to open my windows and doors for a bit to let the outdoors indoors. I love how the house smells after a warm Spring breeze comes through. Now I am anxious for gardening season to begin!

Ok, today, I wanted to talk to you about the BEST advise I have ever gotten about stamping. I was told, ‘there are no mistakes in stamping!” At first, when my friend told me this, my face must have spoke volumes because she immediately recognized what I was thinking, because my first thoughts were, “oh yeah, you should see all my “mistakes”. And she said, “think about this, first of all, a little blemish can easily be concealed with an embellishment, and we should always add flair to our work anyway and second, even if you can’t conceal it with an embellishment, there is ALWAYS two sides to your paper!” After I had thought about this for a fashion, I realized she was 100% right on the money!

So many times, a little smudge here or there, just provides an opportunity to add a little extra sumthin’ Sumthin’ to the overall design of the project. So really, our mistakes aren’t mistakes at all, but opportunities.

So, the next time you make a “mistake”, don’t think of it as such, retrain your thinking and look at it as an opportunity and ask yourself, how can I further embellish my project and make it that much more spectacular? I will bet more times than not, you will come up with something that is even better than you had originally planned it to be. So, my advise to you…”there are NO mistakes in stamping!” Embellish away!
Happy Stamping,

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