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March 16, 2023

The Top 5 Mistakes Paper Crafters Make


Hi there - here are the top 5 mistakes paper crafters make:

  1. Not planning ahead: Not taking the time to plan out a project can lead to mistakes such as incorrect measurements or colors
    • So, to avoid this, think about the colors you want to use, choose a DSP you would like to use and pick out 2-3 colors you'd like to use and start there.
  2. Skimping on supplies: Trying to save money by using lower quality supplies can lead to a project that doesn't turn out as expected.
    • Always use the highest quality of material you can afford. Stampin' Up! offers the best quality crafting materials at an affordable price.
  3. Not reading instructions: Taking the time to read and understand the instructions can help to avoid costly mistakes.
    • If your following a pattern or a tutorial, it's always best to read through them completely before getting started, then read them again as you create to ensure you're understanding them correctly.
  4. Not using the right tools: Using the wrong tools can make a project more difficult or even impossible.
    • Make sure you're using the right tool for the job! Make sure to have a bone folder on hand for making great fold lines and crisp edges. If you'll be die cutting, be sure to have a die cutting machine...I know that sounds obvious, but I have been called and asked about using a rolling pin to roll over dies and wondering why it wasn't working. 
  5. Not taking time to practice: Taking the time to practice a technique before beginning a project can help to ensure a successful result.
    • This is really important when trying a new to you technique like creating an alcohol ink background. Your first time or two may not look the way you want it to, so be sure to practice a few times to make sure you're achieving the results you want and expect..0

I hope this helps you in your paper crafting endeavors!

March 14, 2023

9 Tips for Determining Your Card Layout

One of the first things you do when designing a card is determine your card layout. Will it be a portrait or landscape orientation? What sentiment would you like to use? Is there enough room for it? Where do you want it located? Outside top left? Top Right? Maybe lower right? Or maybe you would rather keep the sentiment for the inside of the card? 


Here are a few tips to help you choose your card layout when creating:

9 tips for choosing a card layout when creating

  1. Consider the message you want to communicate. Is it a holiday card, a birthday card, or something else? This will help determine the overall tone of your card.
  2. Keep your card design simple. Too many elements can be distracting and make it hard to focus on the message.
  3. Choose a layout that complements your message. For example, a landscape design may be better for a nature-themed card, while a portrait design is better for a small focal point
  4. Select an appropriate size for your card. A note card may be better for a shorter message, while a larger standard size card may be better for a longer one.
  5. Think about the colors you’ll use. Bright colors can be cheerful, while muted colors can be more subtle.
  6. Consider your stamp image. This will be your visual interest and add personality to your design. Will it be best suited for a landscape or portrait orientation
  7. If mixing sentiments, be sure the fonts pair well together.
  8. Don’t forget to leave enough room for a personalized message.
  9. Have fun with your design! Experiment with different ideas and make sure you’re happy with the end result.
I hope you find these little tips helpful and get you on your way to creating with a little more clarity. In the meantime, I wish you Happy Stamping,

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