March 4, 2018

My Top Five Must Haves for Stamp/Card Class

Hey all, Happy Sunday! I hope you're off to a great start to your week. I guess I'm headed out bowling here shortly...that aught to be a site! I've only bowled once in my life and that was over 20 years ago....oh the things I get dragged into!
Anyhoo, today I want to address a question I have been getting lately. What should I bring to a stamp/card class? Well, there are 5 basic essentials you should always have when paper crafting, whether you're taking a scrapbook class, a card making class or making 3D projects such as boxes and bags and they are as follows (in no order of importance- they are all equally important in my opinion)

1. Paper Snips:

Paper Snips are sharp, fine detail scissors that allow you to cut and trim small details from you paper. They are perfect for fussy cutting out images and getting into those tight little spaces of an image. 

2. Paper Piercing Tool:

The Paper Piercing Tool, aka, the pokey tool (I prefer pokey tool myself) is not only the perfect tool for paper piercing (which is a great way to add texture and interest to your paper project, but it's a great tool for picking up and placing those tiny embellishments such as gems and pearls. It allows you to get under the embellishment and lift it with the glue dot under it and easily place it with precision in the place you want the embellishment.

3. Bone Folder:

The bone folder is an essential tool for your paper crafting arsenal. It allows you to fold and deeply crease your paper, creating nice clean edges for your cards and is a mandatory tool when making boxes and bags in order to achieve those crucial crisp folds and edges.

4. Snail Adhesive:

Snail adhesive is a tape runner. It provides a fairly strong bond between paper layers and requires zero dry time. It's convenient to use and easy and economical. 

5. Liquid Multipurpose Glue:

Liquid Multipurpose Glue is another essential. Sometimes, having a little lead time before the glue is completely dry is necessary in order to get good alignment. Multipurpose glue is also a stronger bond once dry, making it a great choice when making things such as boxes and bags where the item will get more "wear and tear", so this would be my go to adhesive in those instances. 

I hope this has helped you out in knowing what tools should be your "first order" when attending card/stamp classes as these essentials will make your experience much smoother and easier. If you would like to get your must haves kit right now, use the links below, be sure to use the host code to the right of this post when checking out. All March orders receive a free gift from me!  
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Have a great day, and Happy Stamping!

My Top 5 Must Have Crafty Tools for Card Classes

1.Paper Snips Scissors
103579s Paper Snips - sharp detail scissors- perfect for trimming tight spaces
2.Paper-Piercing Tool
126189s Paper Piercing Tool - aka Pokey tool- great tool to have on hand for placing small embellishments and getting perfect placement everytime
3.Bone Folder
102300s Bone Folder- Create nice creases and fold lines in cardstock. Especially important for 3D items such as boxes and bags
4.SNAIL Permanent Adhesive
104332s Snail Adhesive - an adhesive tape runner that provides convenience and requires no dry time
5.Liquid Multipurpose Glue
110755s Liquid Multipurpose Glue - this is great when you need a little lead time

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