April 5, 2016

Sad News about Weekly Deals

Yes, sadly, the weekly deals will be leaving us forever come April 18th. So, my advice, don't miss out! I have never seen this many current items on sale as this week! Click here to see these amazing deals!
I'm sure you're wondering where I was Saturday since I missed my post and I'm much later than normal today getting my post up. Well, I spent the weekend Spring cleaning with my husband. He had the last 2 weeks off and for the last several days, he got a dumpster for us to do some serious cleaning out. He went to town in the basement while I went to town in my craft room. I think my craft room lost 100 lbs! But I am so glad I had this opportunity to clean things out and organize my supplies. It's once again my happy place!

I have also been prepping for my class tomorrow evening. We're going to be working on the Shaving Cream technique. So FUN! If you haven't tried this technique, you need to try it out. You get some of the most beautiful marbled backgrounds using this technique and everyone is always different, no two are ever the same.

We're making 3 each of 3 designs for a total of 9 cards each. I'm so excited to show these ladies how to do this fun technique. There's something about getting all inky that just screams fun!

Well be sure to check out this weeks deals and I will check back in Thursday. In the meantime,
Happy Stamping,

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